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Total data protection of your projects

Share research with
your team and board

have all the information of your regulatory projects being stored in one place


through a control panel have all relevant and updated information at hand

Track changes in your projects over time

all activities and changes in your project generate data for audit

Just work simply and safely

collaborate with the entire project team in a simple, safe and versatile environment


Simple yet Powerful


was Built Specifically for You


Get access to the best resources to manage your privacy projects with multiple clients

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Designed to address customer needs

DPOffer simplifies the task of achieving compliance with the new European regulations on Data Privacy and other relevant standards like IT security and Financial compliance by providing a fully featured, cloud-based collaboration and workflow platform.

Build for Enterprise organisations

DPOffer is a multi-language platform and supports more than 20 languages, it has been designed to support parent/child account structures and accounts can be customised individually to accommodate specific preferences.

Contractors registered on the

DPOffer Platform

Can be individuals or companies, startups, associations, non-governmental organizations, public agencies, among others, who wish to hire the services of a DPO, which are listed on the Platform and include:

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We believe that privacy is not an obstacle for business but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly.

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